Happy new year, dear my friends.

2010/01/10 23:02
A Happy New Year!!!

Anyway, have you benn good?
--Me? I've been not so great, but not bad.

In the last three months, I have seen many DVDs.
(that includes many desny's, Hayao Miyazaki's and a lot of kid's movies
for my job)

The particuler three of impressive movies are:

Pretty princess
プリティ・プリンセス 特別版 [DVD]プリティ・プリンセス 特別版 [DVD]


This was a perfect dream for girls, wasn't this?
If you were told you were a princess of somewhere, you could have a brilliant life.
(I bought the original book, and that was also good to learn the real English and the real princess life)

National Treasure
ナショナル・トレジャー 特別版 [DVD]ナショナル・トレジャー 特別版 [DVD]


Puzzles! I love codes, puzzles and mysterious story!
And this movie had all of my favorites points.
(I didn't like the movie star, but now I don't hate him)

High School Musical
ハイスクール・ミュージカル [DVD]ハイスクール・ミュージカル [DVD]


I love musicals. RENT is the first musical movie to me, and it was very amazed me.
At the age of my juniour high, I was also belonged in the music club and played piano for
chorus teams. One girl who was in the movie remained my precious school life.

Each of them are popular and big titles, so you can get them easily by shops and through the internet.
You should try at least one of these.

Have a great year, with great movies!


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